FIE LLC is a media and technology company.

 We develop, produce and distribute entertainment and media.
We develop, research and consult on technology, mixed reality (VR, AR) and tools.
We develop and distribute Apps both for professional and consumer use.
We supervise and consult on motion pictures and visual effects (VFX).

FIE LLC was founded by Bradley Friedman,
a highly accredited Visual Effects and Motion Pictures professional.

Recent Posts

VR Review: Unity’s EditorVR Experimental Build

I’ve been limiting my VR/AR/MR (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality) reviews and critiques to realm of VR Cinema.  For example, MR ROBOT or INVASION!

I hope to continue in that vein.  However, Unity Technologies has released something that I think is extremely important.  And for the moment, I want to broaden my scope to talk about it. Continue reading

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