How to actually put VFX and animation into your film

The Visual Effects Society (of which I am a member) recently re-tweeted this article titled: “How to put VFX and animation into your film.”

Go ahead.  Read it.  I’ll wait.

Done?  Good.  Its’ wrong.  Wrong wrong wrong.  If you are a filmmaker, low-budget or otherwise, don’t even start thinking in the terms suggested by that article/post.

So why am I picking on some blogger?  Well firstly, Farhan has published a book and seems to feel authoritative on the subject.  Second, the VFX Society is retweeting it.  But we in the VFX industry are already under assault.  And it’s time we started taking this all more seriously.  That got me thinking.

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VFX World reports on the Iron Man previs effort

VFX World has published an article on previs, in this summer’s blockbuster movies.  Leading off the article is Iron Man.  Kent Seki, the previs and HUD effects supervisor gives a good window into what we did and how we did it.  He also details quite thoroughly the tools and techniques I developed for the film.  I’ve also detailed a similar account on my blog a few weeks ago.

There are a number of videos embedded in the article.  However this one is a surprise.  This is one of my range of motion tests from early in the suit design process.