Composer 2 enters public beta

I’ve been working very hard on a new version of Composer for a long time.  I’m excited to announce that it has opened for public beta.

In a huge change, there is now a Desktop version of Composer available for OSX.  You can download the beta for free from the product page.

The desktop version isn’t just an after-thought.  Most of the redesign of the underlying systems of Composer are meant to turn it into a unique kind of dual-targeted app.  It’s meant to be the same application on both Desktop and Mobile-Touch platforms.  It’s meant to be great to use on both, rather than kludgy on one or the other.

There are also closed beta tests running for both iPad and Android tablets.  You can contact us to ask to be in those closed beta tests.

There are a lot of exciting things coming up with regard to Composer.  This version 2 release cycle is important.  I’d hope the platform expansion alone would be huge enough.  The addition of new lighting control and shadows should be big as well.

However, there are even bigger things coming down the pipe.  Even if you decide to just mess around with the free desktop version, I hope you’ll keep an eye on Composer going forward.

mDAG site launched

I’m launching mDAG, a project I’ve been working on, during the weekends, at home, while working at Method.

I’ve open sourced it under the Artistic License, 2.0 for a few reasons.

Firstly, I think its a tool, sorely needed in the visual effects community, in general.

Second, I’d like to see it adopted, and generally supported.

Third, I’d like to start using it at Method and felt open sourcing it was the clearest and cleanest path to Method’s ability to use it.

My hope is that as it grows, it will become a standard at many studios and facilities, and that many visual effects and animation artists will grow to love it and adopt it as a tool in their arsenal.