VR Review: Unity’s EditorVR Experimental Build

I’ve been limiting my VR/AR/MR (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality) reviews and critiques to realm of VR Cinema.  For example, MR ROBOT or INVASION!

I hope to continue in that vein.  However, Unity Technologies has released something that I think is extremely important.  And for the moment, I want to broaden my scope to talk about it. Continue reading

Mixed Reality and the OS


I’ve been doing a lot of coding and pontificating about mixed reality over the past six months or so.  And my conclusion is that we’re converging on an obvious thing:  A mixed reality Operating System (OS) environment.

That may not seem like any kind of huge logical jump.  It may seem obvious.  Perhaps you feel I just blurted something out that’s at least a year and a half behind the times.  But I’ve gone into a bit more concrete detail than that.  More later. Continue reading