I maintain a library of publicly available “markers” for use in visual effects (VFX) and augmented reality (AR).

They’re not proprietary.  Rather, they’re a resource.  I often use them when supervising or consulting.  For the benefit of my clients and associates, I’m making them easily available.

They are hosted on, and can be downloaded from, github.

Aztec Runes

The Aztec Rune markers are a good hybrid set of markers.  Their center “pyramid” or “bullseye” makes for a good central target for manual tracking for VFX.  While the data portion of the tracker, surrounding the center, encodes unique ID numbers from 0-255.  With the right software one can either directly decode the value, or (at least) uniquely identify the markers from one another visually.

Therefore, they’re well suited to identify a reasonably large number (no more than 256) of unique objects or tracking points within a single scene.

A project in which it’s desirable to track a larger number of unique objects within a scene, may opt for a different marker type which encodes more values.

Even if you don’t uniquely mark that number within a single scene, it may be worth considering if you intend to mark more than 256 objects over the course of the larger project.  It might not be desirable to re-use markers, depending on the complexity of your project.  Or alternatively, maybe it’s fine to re-use IDs in different ways during the project.